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Experience your ride with Riders Opinion

At Riders Opinion we understand the sense of freedom that a great ride brings! Meeting like minded people with same riding passion has always been a challenge…not anymore!

Riders Opinion has joined hands with veteran riders across the globe and has developed a platform which will help you fulfill all your RIDING DREAMS.

To know more about our offerings download the App – Riders Opinion.


  • We provide Single Platform for all riding requirements under one roof.
  • First platform for riders to Plan the rides irrespective of bike's brand.
  • Guided Overnighter rides & International tours.
  • Record of Statistics of the rides done by the individual & miles clocked.
  • Avail and Enjoy Free Ride (Overnighter) features with us.
  • Panic & Emergency button feature.
  • Live the Dream.
  • Networking of riders along with real time tracking of fellow riders.
  • All rides Insured & RSA (Road Side Assistance) available at all times.

Riding Destinations

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.

All riders have experienced the feeling of freedom that a great ride brings. Imagine those feelings intensified by the sheer beauty or fascinating landscape of nature's best wonders.

We offer a one-stop solution for a hasslefree ride to freedom.

Our destination chart covers Mountains, Highway Chase, Adventure & Wildlife, Sea destinations and many more. We offer you an array of locations pan India where you can take your motorcycle for a spin!!!!

In addition you will also find the most updated road conditions and current weather of your riding destination.

We also offer one crucial aspect that allows you a hasslefree ride – Road Side Assistance (RSA)!

For complete information download our App – Riders Opinion.


Meet & Plan a Ride

Riders Opinion provides you with an opportunity to post your dream riding destination and invite fellow riders to join you for the ride.

  • Post a Ride (Weekend Breakfast Rides, Overnighter)
  • Choose Destinations from our Bespoke Discounted Itinerary.
  • Plan your Route and define Pit Stops
  • Riders within 50km radius of your start location will get a notification and option to join you for the ride.
  • You can form a Group and enroll participants.
  • Important Notifications like Bike Readiness, Gear Preparation and similar will be made available on the post.
  • Pre Alarm Alert for the Riders an hour prior to the ride.
  • Track location of Fellow Riders through our Tracking mechanism.
  • App keeps a record of your miles and notify the nearest fuel station.
  • Share your Rides Videos and Pictures using our State of the Art Media Share option in our Chat Engine
  • No mobile connectivity – Our BUFF’G’ feature in the App will buffer your riding destination route map and show you the path to ride.

Live the Dream

Don't have a Superbike! "No Problem"
Riders Opinion will let you Live your Dream and be a Rider

You don't need to owe a Superbike to be a Rider. Live your Dream and Ride your dream machine and be a part of our Adventurous Rides. We provide all necessary gears to make you feel like a Rider.

Riding Events

ONE Life, Bike it

At Riders Opinion we offer riding events all year round. Visit our event planner and you would not like to miss even a single ride!

Every event is planned meticulously and our professional rides covers:

  • Stay packages ranging from luxury resorts to wilderness camps.
  • Events for the specific days.
  • Safety of our fellow riders is of prime concern; Safe riding tips that include riding signals, ride marshal, Lead rider and Sweep (Tail Riders).
  • Road Side Assistance (RSA) to cover breakdown and enjoy hassle free rides.



Modify your Bike

Four Wheels Move the Body, Two Wheels Move the Soul

Motorbikes are ultimate source of adventure and fun.

For information on Customization and Accessories refer to our wide range of experienced vendors offering latest deals on seats, exhaust, riding gears, Bluetooth headsets and many more.



Route Direction

Perspective – Everything looks better from the inside of a motorcycle helmet.

Do not fear when BuffG is here!

Stranded in a remote location with no data services, do not fear when BuffG is here!

The Riders Opinion App buffers next 100 KMs of data in advance and let you enjoy your ride. The moment you are back in a data services zone, our App will automatically buffer fresh miles for you.


Healthy Riding

You never see a motorcycle parked outside a Therapist office – heard this before? Yes, it holds true for all who rev & roar!

Ever thought that riding a Motorbike has lot of health benefits…

  • Riding is a form of low-impact exercise that improves muscle tone, assist in weight loss and has a multitude of health benefits.
  • Healthier and stronger knees, firm thighs, burn calories, strengthen your neck & mental outlook.

"THERAPY".... As per Veteran Riders, riding a bike results in releasing endorphins that boost mood and act as a stress buster.


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"YOU are one step close to Living YOUR Dream"

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